I am sitting outside my art theory class waiting for it to start and there is a very handsome dudeman next to me but we aren’t talking and the silence is actually killing me like this is painful. He is playing a game on his phone

I was told to leave class today because I was hiccuping

Guess who signed up to do a debate in afrikaans on friday! (This gal)

The post-shower feel is a good feel

I just witnessed a spider trapping a fly in its web it was so cool

Come back winnie

Ek is honger, maar te lui om kos te maak

Edward Scissorhands, 1990

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I love geometry and algebra but I don’t feel strongly for trigonometry or financial maths or statistics

Little weed growing on my roof

Little weed growing on my roofhttp://instagram.com/p/rABHrhFshO/