Feel It: Kissing Teenagers by Rankin
For Dazed & Confused Magazine
Styling: Alister Mackie

once u start drawing white dots on black paper you can’t stop

I need to be out of school now

Snejana at Balenciaga Fall/Winter 2007

Snejana at Balenciaga Fall/Winter 2007

I can’t move because of too much dried pineapple and strawberry milkshake. I am so disappointed with myself

i can’t wait until tuesday because i get my new art project all i know right now is the theme is ‘altered spaces’ so i think it will be quite a nice one 

I need to make a schedule and meal plan

I was in a play like 2 years ago and I have seen a third of the cast of that play here at the mall today

There is free wifi at the mall now this is good I still have no money though

You should watch stand by me